About The Project

With the launch of the first project in 2018, ellipsis unknowingly came to be. That first project started off as an innocent exchange of photographs replacing words, which slowly developed into a metaphorical language that then finalized into a sophisticated conversation after one full year. Finally delving into verbal communication, Lisa and Jessica began to talk about a dedicated collaboration with focus on how photography can become a more efficient mode of connection. 

Lisa and Jessica met in 2002 at school in the magical land of Maine along the coast. Something about the luminous quality of light, the salty smell in the cold snap of the air, or how time lapsed creating fantastical perceptions - when all combined made a link between these two visual artists.

Jessica Kalmar

Analog photography is my primary focus as a visual artist. I often incorporate other elements such as paint or embroidery to my photographs, and am more partial to the less sophisticated types of cameras and lenses. The resulting images help to articulate a message of wavering familiarity.

From early on, my parents encouraged me to see and try new things by experiencing big events, travel, and living a full life. Because of this I seemed to have developed a vision for noticing the small intricacies of the world. Playful curiosity and a quiet demeanor with camera in hand, I’m making photographs that reflect a world or a mood we all share.

Currently I am tucked away in the rolling landscape of south west Pennsylvania splitting my time between art making, homesteading, and studying for a Master Gardener certification. My courageous husband and two wily cats keep me pleasantly inspired with their spirited manners.

To learn more, visit www.jessicakalmar.com

Lisa Fox

I am a photographer and mixed media artist originally from New York who enjoys using my camera to create a fictitious world, reimagining space, time, memory and reality with results that are both intimate and dreamy. My photographic pursuits have brought me to many amazing locations including Iceland, Cuba, and Estonia. I have exhibited work in New York, Maine and Toronto both as a solo artist and with the Womens’ Art Project collective of which I am a founding member. I also (occasionally) write the foxcraft blog, a site that aims to amplify, celebrate, and support female voices in photography and the arts along with exploring the creative processes of myself and others.

Currently, I split my time between Toronto and New York.

To learn more, visit www.thefoxcraft.com.